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Nano Brows also referred to as Nanoblading or Nano Digital is a mastered technique which provides the lastest technology, long-lasting and superior 3D-like results.

This is a signature type of cosmetic-eyebrow treatment which involves a highly advanced digital-pigmentation machine. This machine provides your eyebrows with a natural, crisp and beautiful look, while at the same time preserving the integrity and health of the skin.

With this Nano Digital technique, we are able to create the very finest Hyper-Realistic 3D hair strokes that are highly accurate that provide blur-free professional results. The procedure can last as long as 5 years.

This procedure does not involve blades or any bleeding. There is also no or minimal trauma to your skin and it is close to impossible with this machine to implant the color too deep. This is where many of the technicians (that are not skilled enough) often go wrong.

Nano Digital makes use of a special needle that is very flexible and similar in size to a strand of hair. The needle sits about 0.75mm outside of the cartridge which makes it an easy task to apply precise pressure that is required to create accurate and super-fine hair strokes.

The shape of your brows is designed according to the structure of your face which follows the Fibonacci sequence formula. The color is also custom blended which compliments your complexion and hair perfectly.

The procedure is conducted with only disposable and sterile tools, and the pigments are of the very highest standards. These pigments are the best currently available of the market, FDA approved and organic.

A touch-up treatment is required one month from the procedure as 10 to 15% of the strokes will be lost from the initial procedure.

The area heals completely within 60 days, and this is when it becomes necessary to add color that has been lost.

Your brows deserve a 5-star treatment. Allow our resident eyebrow artist to create the eyebrows you have always dreamed about using the latest technology that the industry of beauty has to offer.

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  • Kimmy, 43
    I had a great experience and I am so happy with my new look. I am thrilled to recommend Paola’s microblading services to anyone who is reluctant. My eyebrows have never looked this great; I actually feel fashionable and I’m so thankful every time I look in the mirror. I have always struggled with my eyebrows because my hair is really thin and I used to over-pluck them. I loved the atmosphere and professionalism.
    Kimmy, 43
    social worker
  • Jessica
    I’m in love with my brows! Very impressed with Paola’s talents. I have always been a bit obsessed with having perfect eyebrows and therefore, I’m very cautious of who I trust to do them right. All that worry went away when I met Paola and saw her work, I immediately felt safe in her hands. Paola was an excellent listener, I explained to her what I wanted and she delivered exactly what I was hoping for. And I’m a tough critic, I’ve been in the beauty industry for over a decade and I know a professional when I see one. I would highly recommend Paola to anyone who is looking to achieve a more filled, styled, or natural looking brow.
    beauty stylist 35
  • Britany J
    I moved to Charlotte at the end of 2018 and I’m super picky about my eyebrows, it was such a relief to find Paola, she understood my vision and always executes. She. Is. The. Best. #YourSearchIsOver  
    Britany J
  • Sarah L
    This place is amazing! Totally recommend! Her work is great. Best my eyebrows ever looked!  
    Sarah L
  • Kelly E
    I came all the way from Asheville and did so for a reason: quality results. Love her vibe and passion for what she does. Recommended.  
    Kelly E
  • Aubree W
    I just love this place, friendly environment, great prices, excellent results.  
    Aubree W
  • Alexi S
    She worked her magic and the results were excellent, I was very satisfied. I’ll probably tell my friends about her, but i know the results will tell them before I get the chance. 100% recommend!    
    Alexi S
  • Elena K
    Thanks, Paola! I feel like a brand new woman, in love with my new look!
    Elena K

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